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My yoga schedule has been rather light since Covid. I am still teaching my restorative class a GP!

Greener Postures Yoga Studio:

  • Wednesday 6-7pm

Restorative in West Falmouth.  

Restorative yoga classes are designed to open the body passively and to find a deep sense of relaxation. Using props, which include bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, and sand bags the poses are held for 6-10 minutes. By working with the force of gravity, muscles can release tension and provide the body the opportunity to focus on the breath and the release of daily stress. Restorative yoga is ideal for all-levels and especially to people new to yoga.


I started my yoga practice as cross-training to my dance career and found it affected all aspects of my life. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Corepower Yoga in Boulder, Co in 2011. 

I uses my academic background as well as my Rolfing and Cranial Sacral knowledge of structure, alignment, and somatic experience to inform my yoga class. My goal is to demystify yoga and to help every student in the room understand their own unique body and be confident with modifying any and all poses to best fit their individual needs.

My approach to teaching is very hands on and I believe that touch is very important to one’s sense of self. A safe, helpful touch can be more powerful than verbal cues alone. With touch, I strive to help my students dive deeper into their own bodies, breath, and practice. 

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